Logo Design


Illustrative typography representing Gestalt Theory ― principles of human psychology and perception that describe how we recognize patterns and group visual elements

Font design (uppercase and lowercase) inspired by the look and color palette of metro maps, created by editing the Gilbert font in a vector graphics environment

Op Art

Which Came First? poses the famous philosophical question in an Op Art inspired, illusionary style that juxtaposes chicken and egg in a unique figure-ground reversal


Recipe Art

Pixel Art Game Assets

Coded Art

Example result of a configurable scene rendered by a raytracer written for a team project

My virtual gallery space in the 2020 Scripps senior thesis exhibit A part / Apart, showcasing interactive, generative, VR-viewable landscapes that explore place and self-reflection


Non-narrative animation to Hindsight by OVERWERK

Mini exploration in 3D motion graphics

Demo reel

Physical Media